How to Tell if You Need To Upgrade Your PC

a woman on a computerMost people don’t know when exactly they should be upgrading their PC. Handling and rectifying small errors on a daily basis sometimes covers hidden problems. There are several important signs to be aware of that you need to be able to identify that will alert you to the fact that you need to upgrade.

You Cannot Install The Latest Operating System

In the past, updating your operating system was not a major issue, and new operating systems would only be released every 3 to 4 years.  The operating system would also bear a cost to install and on occasions could break something which resulted in people sticking with their original operating system version.

Thankfully this is no longer the case now Microsoft has moved to an annual free update with Windows 10.  If you are unable to install Windows 10 or the next update, which will predominately have higher spec requirements, then you will need to upgrade your computer.

You Can’t Run The Latest Apps And Games

Gaming is one of the best ways to tell if you need to upgrade your PC.  New games will need higher specs to run when compared to some of the older games.  Another way of knowing if you require an upgrade your computer is the applications that you can download, install and run.

While professional applications such as Photoshop have modest minimum specs, they do need a fair amount of power to run efficiently. Talk to your broadband supplier and consider the possibility of upgrading your router as this may help. If you are not able to get a decent level of performance from these applications you need to upgrade your computer.

Your Computer Is Slow

The easiest way to determine that you need to upgrade your computer is that it is slow.  If you can make a cup of coffee in the time it takes to boot up or slows to a crawl when there are more than six tabs open in your browser; it is a sure sign that your computer is running too slow. Be sure to backup your data to make sure you have a copy of all your important documents in case your computer crashes. Make sure that you have deleted browsing history, as well as any out of date and obsolete files. While some of these issues can be resolved with cleaning your computer, there could still be hardware issues that this will not help.

You Can’t Connect To Anything

There is nothing that ages your computer more than the latest gadgets that you want to install that may slow your system. Any accessory that has a USB-C plug will need a newer computer to form a compatible connection.  While there are readily available alternative connectors on the market, it may be more prudent in the long run to look at upgrading your computer, which will save you time and possibly money.

As listed above, there are numerous signs that you should look out for which alert you to the fact that you need to upgrade your computer.  The most prevalent being unable to connect your new gadgets and being unable to update your operating system.